Thursday, September 2, 2010

Itachi Uchiha Lemon : I Love You!!

As usual, your name for this lemon will be Ayame.

It was one very nice night in the Akatsuki layer, it was breezy outside, and every Akatsuki member were downstairs watching some TV. You went downstairs to join them, and then all the sudden Tobi came up running to you and said, "Ayame, Itachi wants to tell you something, NOW!", you replied, "Oh really, why?", Tobi replied, "Oh thats a secret!" He said. You did as Tobi told you to do, you went up stairs searching for Itachi's room. You two were very close friends you didn't have any special feelings for Itachi, you grew up and trained together in the same village. You found Itachi's room, and didn't bother knocking the door, you just entered. "Hmph! Well what do you know, nobodies here, I am gonna so knock that Tobi out!!" you said to yourself. You had your hand on the doorknob and all the sudden something had there arms around your waist, "Just where do you think your going..." Itachi whispered in your ear. That made you get chills down your spine, "I'm going downstairs, what do you want from me?" you said, "Somebody's not in a good mood I suppose..." Itachi said "Your not going anywhere.", "Huh? What do you mean? And let me go!" You said. Itachi pushed you towards his bed causing him to be on top of you and said "Your with me now, so you can't go anywhere...."

You thought to yourself, why the hell is he doing this to me, I am so gonna kill Tobi!!!! I don't want him at all!!! "Itachi, let me g-" You were interrupted by a pair of lips against yours, you got bug-eyed and couldn't believe that just happened. He bit your lip asking for entrance, but you refused. You felt him smirk, he went downwards to your neck and started to kiss on it, searching for your soft spot. You let out a quiet moan, "Ahhh, Itachi!" He found this opportunity to kiss you. He entered  his tongue without no hesitation, and started to roam every corner of your mouth. "Mmmmmmm..." You said in the kiss. You broke the kiss and said "Itachi, why are you  doing this, it's wrong!!", "Then tell me why does  it feel so good?" he replied. He went back to kissing you roughly, you weren't enjoying this one single bit.

Itachi broke the kiss and took your shirt off. You gasped "Itachi let go of me, now!!!!" His grip was to strong, so you had no choice but just to live with it. He then was staring at your bra wanting to know what was under them, he wasted no time and took your bra off with one hand, you smirked and said "Most men need two hands to do that, hmpf!" He saw your hardened nipples and started to lick them up and down then in circles. He then took his pants and his cloak off, and then he continued to suck on your nipples "Itachi please stop now!!!!! PLEASE!!" You knew he was going to ignore you. He took your pants off with no hesitation, and went back to licking your nipples, you moaned "Ohhh Itachi!!!!!!"

He went downwards, you knew what he was going to do, he took your panties off which revealed a wet pussie, you blushed a little bit. Itachi went back to kissing you, he brang one of his hands downwards to your womanhood, he then began to rub your clit slowly causing agonizing pleasure, he brang his other hand up towards one of your breasts flicking your nipple, you broke the kiss and couldn't  help but moaning in pleasure "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!! ITACHI!!! You wanted him to rub your clit some more, but foreplay right now for you was torture for you! He then stopped kissing and rubbing your breast, and went downwards to your womanhood, licking the wetness off of every spot on your vagina. Without caution, he entered one of his fingers inside of you, you gasped "Itachi, p..p.. please stop!!!! you said in hesitation. He didn't bother listening to you, and entered another finger, "ITACHI!!!" You screamed! "Seems like your enjoying it more then it seems, hmm Ayame?" You hoped the other members of the Akatsuki didn't hear you scream in pleasure.

You realized Itachi took his underwear off, you got scared of his size entering your womanhood, but you knew it would be painful for sure. His dick looked really hard. He then stopped fingering you, then whispered in your ear "Are you ready for pain?" then bit your ear lobe. "Itachi, please this is all wrong!!!!", "No its not, I love you Ayame!" He said, you were surprised at the words he had just said. "Huh, you really do?", "Yes I do." Itachi said, "Alright then." you replied. 

He brang your hands above your head so you wouldn't struggle, he then entered his long and hard dick inside of you roughly, as soon as it entered he started to thrust in and out FAST! "OH MY FUCKING GOD ITACHI!!!!!!!!!! YOUR SOO HARD!" You screamed in pain!!! "PLEASE STOP!! YOUR HURTING ME!!!" He stopped thrusting inside of you, and let go of his hands above you, and whispered in your ear "I promise, I will make this as pleasurable as possible, just bare with me......." He gave you the most fiercest kiss on earth, you decided to trust his words. He the brang your hands above your head and started to thrust in and out of you, it was still feeling painful, "Itachi, please take it easy on me!", he then did what he was told to do and started to thrust inside of you slowly, then after a few thrusts later, it felt like heaven for you. You moaned "Ohhh, ahhhh!!!! ITACHI GO FASTER AND DEEPER!!!!!!" He loved it when he heard you moan, he let go of his hands that were above you, and you wrapped your legs around his waist causing him to go deeper. Itachi started to thrust in and out of you at an unimaginable speed, "Ahhhh!!! AYAME YOUR SO FUCKING TIGHT!!" He moaned in pleasure!!!!! "Oh uh ahhh, Itachi!!!" You moaned. You both started to moan each others names loudly in pleasure.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Outside in the Living Room~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hidan: "Who the fuck just screamed?!?"
Deidara: "I have no Idea, un!"
Sasori and Tobi: "Who cares!! Lets just watch TV!! The fun part is about to come!!!"
Deidara: "I guess your right, un! Lets watch!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back to Itachi and You~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You both then reached your climax and released and mixed the juices within you. Itachi took his dick out and kissed you the most passionate way ever. You kissed back of course. He then gave you a smile and slept beside you on your right side, with your head on his chest. You thought to yourself, "I am going to thank Tobi after this for sure!"

Well thats the end! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it!                                      

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