Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Itachi Uchiha - By Your Side : Part 2


"Hn,don't think were done yet.... as I said before, I am going to make this the best experience in your life......." He said whispering in your ear.

That send shivers down your spine, wondering what else he was going to do, but whatever he was going to do, you didn't care, you wanted all of him. "Hmph.... what else are you going to do?" you asked tilting your head to the side a bit making you look curious... and cute.

"You'll see..." he said. He made you sit on his lap while he had his back against the pillow. (its those kinda lapdance kinda positions.)

"Get ready...." he said warning you. "Tsk... I already am!" You smirked at him, he smirked at you back.He guided your hips and slowely inserted himself inside of you. Within a few moments his dick was fully inside you. You had your hands on his shoulders. You gripped onto them tightly making him wince a little. "Fuck.. thats deep!" He said gripping onto your butt tightly. You started to move up and down slowely, with Itachi guiding your thrusts each time. Itachi threw his head back, opening his mouth and started to pant on every thrust. "Fuck....." Itachi muttered under his breath.

"Oh.... uahhhhhh!! Itachi!!" you moaned. You then started to pick up the pace going faster, you saw Itachi opening his mouth now and moaning everytime, and so were you. "Ayame.... I swear I am gonna....", Now he was staring at you with fierce eyes, "I am gonna fucking cum all over you!" he said with pleasure. Having said that, he grabbed your butt and forced you up and down fast. "Oh my fucking god! Itachi!!! Uaaahhhhhhhh!!" you moaned soo loudly with pleasure, "This feels so good!" you yelled. Itachi's room was now filled with moans, echoes, and slamming. "Oh yeahhh!" you both moaned as Itachi hit that spot. Itachi now went really fast hitting that spot that both sent you crazy each time he thrusted fast.

"Ahhhhh!!! Itachi I'm gonna cum!!", you told him. You then squirted with him still thrusting hard and fast in you, which made your orgasm more intense. After seconds later he also cummed inside of you. And this time it was A LOT of cum. "Ayame!!!" he moaned your name as he hit his orgasm.

He stopped thrusting inside of you and flipped you on all fours. He forcefully thrusted deep inside of you. "Shiiit!" you moaned. Itachi was driving you insanely crazy, you just wanted to scream on top of your lungs. He dug his nails deep into your hips. "FUCK! Why are you soo fucking tight!!!!!!" he groaned. It was true, your womenhood was wet from the previous cumming, and it was really tight. "Ahhhhhh! Yes itachiiii!!!!!" you moaned. You unexpectidely hit your orgasm and started to cum, while he was still thrusting deep and hard onto you. "YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" you screamed loudly. You then felt moments later him cumming into you. "Shiiittt!! Ayameee!!" he groaned.

He than felt it was enough, "Turn Around." he said in a serious voice. You than did what he told you to do. Now he was on top of you, both of your leaf village headband protectors where touching each other. You both were panting heavily, looking at each other. You than started to giggle. He gave you the most sincere smile you have ever seen, and started to giggle with you too. "Ayame, I love you so much." he said with a smile on his face. He than kissed you the most passionate kiss ever. "I love you too." you said. He then plopped down right beside you. ou check out the time and it was only 12:00 P.M.

"Don't worry... we'll have some fun later on." he said with a smirk on his face. You both drifted off into a sleep. You heard his chest beating. You then thought happily as you remembered you had the base for 4 days to yourself.


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